Should I Start Vanpooling in Atlanta’s 2012 Traffic?

There are so many reasons for your commute to work to be via a vanpool. I will cover a few of them this month, and add to the list each month! The primary reason is that you can save money by 50-75%. By vanpooling you can say goodbye to all the added fuel costs that we face today. You will save on_maintenance costs (driving your car to and from work daily increases the maintenance trips) and save on insurance costs (all major insurance companies offer discounts to those vehicles which are designated as recreational).

And you won’t have as much depreciation on your car, as this is the most devastating cost which relates to commuting, as it adds the most significant miles during the ife of your car and lowers the resale value by thousands of dollars). AAA says that based on the average commute of about 45-50 miles round trip, your driving costs range about $800 per month now that gas costs are close to $4.00 a gallon! Wow! Vanpooling could save you about $10,000 a year!

And you could be eligible for a tax break, if your employer offers a pre-tax payroll deduction for mass transit. Be sure to check to see if your employer participates in the pre-tax benefit (IRS Tax Code 132(f). Well, this reporter started vanpooling many years ago, and has enjoyed many years of luxury of a safe commute, pleasant companionship, on days when I desired, and the real luxury of a nap or the catching up on a good book or the paper, on other days, while I left the driving to the designated driver! Ummm Good Stuff!