For the city of Atlanta the year 2014 came in like a bear - Like a polar bear!  And for the bustling metropolis,  January 29, 2014 will always be remembered as The Day That Disappeared in Atlanta!

That Tuesday started as any other day, but the weather reports warned that the city would receive at least 2" of snow.  Little did anyone know that 2" was enough to bring the city to its knees.  Everything in the city shut down - the government, the transportation system, schools, churches and all businesses.  Hartsfield Jackson Airport cancelled 1000s of flights.  Not even the emergency machine was mobile.  Of course the winter weather was harsh all across the US and much was shut down nationwide.  But for this city, it was a mess.

 As the nations watched they probably  thought our fiasco was comedic.  At first it must've seemed like a reality show skit.  The world said, 'those Southerners  can't even drive in only 2" of snow!'  But as they watched the events unfold,  it turned from comedy to travesty.  Thousands of children were stranded in their schools and on school buses.  Some made it to police & fire stations but were stranded there.  And parents didn't see their children for 2-3 days.  For those who made it home, the journey  took them from 10-20 hrs.   The only respite for many who couldn't make it home was the Waffle House, which served hash browns and coffee throughout  the 3 day ordeal.  The Home Depot   
also came to the rescue making its stores a refuge to many who were stranded everywhere it seemed. As others spent two days and nights in their cars.

There was one bright spot in all the confusion.  Grace Anderson, the baby girl who came a week early to parents Amy and Nick Anderson, as they attempted to get to Northside Hospital from Cobb County.  The snow and ice forced them to pull over, and Grace made her way into the world,  born on the Day we Lost  Atlanta.

In the next article, we'll examine some of the decisions of the last decade that contributed to the fiasco - Atlanta's total shut down in January, 2014