Whats Up Atlanta?

July 6th, 2015

Truly there is rush hour traffic and then there's rush hour traffic in Atlanta.  To say the least, the traffic has been so horrendous in our fair city over the past few months, that commuters are raising questions about why are there so many accidents with so much frequency, all of a sudden?

Recently there have been tractor trailers that have been jack knifing, like the one on I-85 and Spaghetti junction, blocking the ramp for hours during the morning rush a few days ago. And not to mention the many multiple car accidents that have occurred in the city since all of the many construction projects in the city, coupled with the intense heat, fatigue of workers who are less attentive, and the multiple car accidents all over, road work delays and the tractor-trailer wrecks that have been causing headaches for commuters on many of the city's major thoroughfares, which have just caused commuters to ask, "what is going on with Atlanta's traffic?"

After one of the drivers reportedly drove the wrong way on I-75, police have said.  Commuters want to know why the police would chase the assailant up the wrong way, causing him to drive faster. Many motorists have been critically injured in the multi-vehicle collisions in Henry and DeKalb Counties. But there were no protocols in place for some of these incidents, like the wrong way chase. But no matter what the proper response to these incidents was, the danger level as been extremely high.  These wrecks caused all NB lanes of the interstate to shut down from 3-5 hours each incident.  The wrong way driver was ejected from his vehicle and transported to Grady Memorial Hospital, where he was reported in critical condition.

What are the main causes of wrong-way drivers?  Most people have at one time or another started up the wrong way, at one time or another.  But there are two main causes aside from unfamiliarity, according to Cpl. Chris Hinkler from the Georgia State Patrol.  "You have people under the influence who, late at night, with no other vehicles on the roadway, make left turns onto ramps not realizing where they are and just keep going because they are so out of it." And then there are the elderly drivers or people with mental incapacities. "They either can't see the signs or get lost and turn down a roadway.  There are many of these incidents where the 70-80 yr old person driving at night doesn't know exactly where they are."  And then the most recent reason is where a driver wanted to commit suicide by driving the wrong way down an interstate. Of course that accident ended in fatalities.

What should be done when you see any of these infractions, Hinkler says you can call 911 or call *GSP which goes directly to the radio rooms and then patrolmen can be dispatched. You can drive more cautiously in the intense heat and the major construction.
And then there's always prayer.