All About Taxi Cabs in Atlanta, Georgia

If you are new to the city of Atlanta, Georgia, or some other large city, a taxi cab may be the fastest mode of transportation needed.  While it is helpful to have someone else do the driving and while taxi cabs are faster than buses, they can also be very expensive. Here are some helpful tips about hailing a taxi cab and understanding the taxi fares that are charged to you while traveling to your destination.

When hailing a taxi cab, make sure and try to find a taxi stand. You will notice these stands, as there will be many taxis there.  If unable to find a taxi stand, then find a place where a normal car would park and try hailing  a taxi there. Hold your hand out and yell “taxi”, when you see an empty taxi cab. Once inside the taxi cab, tell the driver exactly where you want to go.  If you cannot do that, then state the entire address including zip code or describe the building along with surrounding landmarks. Read the flag fall and pricing information carefully.  When you get out, make sure you check the correct amount given to the driver and ask for the tipping requirement. Pay the fees, check your belongings and exit the taxi.  Remember to always write down the name of the taxi cab company, driver's name/ID number and taxi cab telephone number, in case you have a complaint or you forget something inside of the taxi cab. If you are traveling in a group, it may be less expensive to charter a taxi cab, rather than paying individual fares.  Also, there are times where you may be able to negotiate a rate, or ask for a flat fare upon entering the taxi cab. There are some taxi cab companies which consider this as being rude, but you can always try. Also, carry a map with you, as some taxi cab drivers will try and take advantage of an inexperienced passenger, by traveling the farthest route, in hopes of getting a larger fare.

Before hailing a taxi cab, you will definitely be interested in the fare of the taxi cab.  There are websites like,
which can help you in calculating your taxi fare based on your starting point and your destination point.  Also, being aware of the fees that you will be paying, can put your mind at ease as to how much will actually be coming out of your pocket.  Some of these fees, which will be charged while riding in the taxi cab are the entry fee, which is the fee you pay for simply getting into the taxi cab. Then, there is the unit fee, which determines how much your rate will increase, before getting to your destination.  The unit fee is broken into two categories of distance from the starting point to your point of destination and how much time is spent inside of the taxi cab. There will also be a luggage rate, based upon the number of bags you bring with you into the taxi cab. There will probably also be an additional surcharge.

Keep in mind that taxi cabs are the most common way of getting around in big cities like Atlanta, Georgia, so hailing a taxi cab, may become difficult, depending upon the area. If you are coming in or going out of  the Atlanta Hartsfield–Jackson airport, where there are business people who are always in and out of taxi cabs, hailing a taxi cab may take a few minutes. Also, downtown Atlanta, Georgia can be quite busy and filled with people wanting taxi cabs. Be persistent and let the driver know that you are in need of his services. 

Finally, taxi cab drivers love to show their knowledge of the city and/or area. If you are unsure of the best hotels, restaurants, or places to just have fun, these drivers can offer advice on the best places to go.

Hailing a taxi cab in a city like Atlanta, Georgia or any other large city can be difficult, but if you have the right information and the right tools before you start, it makes the task a little less scary.