Crossing Signal To Improve Safety in Marietta

The pedestrians who walk along the S. Marietta Parkway will soon have a traffic signal helping them safely cross the street near the Cobb Community Transit Transfer Station.  The City of Marietta is installing a signal which is called a High Density Activated Cross Walk Beacon, according to  the City Engineer.  The HAWK Beacon, as it's called will feature a flashing red light near the CCT Station, which pedestrians can activate to stop traffic.  Marietta is also building a crosswalk on the road near the bus station.  The project will cost $100,000 and will be funded through 2011 special purpose local options sales tax and Federal Transit Administration funding.

Construction of the crosswalk is scheduled to be completed in a few weeks.  The traffic signal is being constructed in response to the increased number of incidents occurring in the area, Charlie Lanz, City Engineer, said.
"We have had increased amount of pedestrian accidents in this area, and used properly, this should decrease the amount of pedestrian accidents.  It is officially known as a pedestrian hybrid beacon.  The purpose of a HAWK beacon is to allow protected pedestrian crossings, stopping road traffic only as needed."

Police have issued 77 citations for pedestrian-crossing related incidents since the beginning of the year, according to Officer Brittany Wallace, a Marietta police spokeswoman. "They are all pedestrian-type citations, including failure to obey traffic controlled devices, which can include a sign on the street," Wallace said.  "Some are for crossing not in crosswalks, and then others are for darting into traffic which is basically trying to run in between cars." The city's police department installed signs to discourage pedestrians from illegally crossing the street, but it hasn't stopped people from crossing, Wallace said.  Councilman Stuart Fleming, who represents the area, said he's pleased with the traffic signal because it will address a long-term problem the city has faced.  

It's Definitely a Tremendous Step in the Right Direction!