Odd Traffic Laws in the State of Georgia

Georgia has some strange traffic laws that you may or may not be aware of. Here are some of those laws:

  1. Quitman, Georgia and Dublin, Georgia have a law making it illegal to drive through a playground.

  2. St. Mary’s, Georgia and Marietta, Georgia have a law making it illegal to spit from a moving automobile or bus, but permissible to spit from a truck.

  3. Members of the Georgia state assembly cannot have their cars ticketed while the legislature is in session.

  4. If you slow down to make a u-turn and are in a prohibited location, such as at a curve, or where other drivers cannot see you, in some cases, the accident may be your fault, even though you were hit in the rear.

  5. If a large bus or truck is making a u-turn and swings to the right before making a u-turn to the left, the passing motorist behind the truck could be at fault, if the truck turns back to the left and hits the motorist.

  6. You cannot live on a boat for more than 30 days, during the calendar year, even if just passing through the state. This includes houseboats, floating homes and other floating structures used for humans and/or animals.

  7. In Georgia, there are no national bicycle traffic laws, and the bicycle is considered a legal vehicle. http://www.bicyclegeorgia.com/galaw.html

  8. The price of a speeding ticket in South Georgia can vary as much as $850, depending on where you get caught. Also, Georgia is one in five states allowing tickets up to $1000.

  9. Glynn and Camden counties ticket nearly $100 for driving one mile over the speed limit, increasing their rates gradually up to $500.

  10. Wayne and Pierce Counties charge double fines when speeders go over thirty miles over the limit.

  11. In McIntosh County you pay little or nothing for driving ten miles over the limit, but when going twenty four miles or more, expect fines in the $700 dollar range.

  12. There is a super speeder fine enacted by then Governor Sonny Perdue in 2008, where speeders pay $200 over the fine for driving above 85 mph.