New Laws in Georgia for Renewing Your License

A new law involving Georgians renewing their licenses has been enacted. The new law requires you to bring more forms of ID than previously required. According to Susan Sports from the Georgia Department of Driver Services, the federal government is requiring more identification..

Drivers must have additional identification when renewing their driver’s license to include:
An original certified birth certificate, a social security card, and two proofs showing your residential address. These two proofs may be a utility bill and bank statements. An unexpired passport may substitute for the birth certificate.

Additional documents may be required for non-citizens and those who have recently had a legal name change, (i.e. a woman changing her married name back to her maiden name following a divorce).

You will only be required to bring these items one time for renewal. You will also not be allowed to apply for renewal online, without going through the process of providing these documents the first time since this law has been passed.

Georgia has been given until the year 2017 to get drivers license holders fifty and older in compliance.

The new driver’s license will have a gold star printed on the top right corner signifying a secure site.

Always check with the Georgia Department of Driver Services before going in for renewal of your driver’s license to make sure you have everything that is needed. Their contact information can be found below:

Georgia Department of Driver Services
Address: 2206 East view Parkway Conyers, Georgia 30013
Telephone: 404-657-9300

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