Moving Over for the Georgia Move Over Law

The Move Over Law, Georgia code 40-6-16, has become quite the attention grabber since being passed, due to the large amount of police officers, roadside workers and emergency technicians being killed for routine traffic stops, construction projects and crash responses on the side of the roadway within the state of Georgia. The Law is designed to keep those who work for the cities and counties within Georgia safe, from passing traffic vehicles.

The number of fatalities of highway workers has increased over the last few years, making it necessary for the law to be implemented. Right now, more than thirty states have the Move Over Law on their books, including Georgia. According to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety director, the law was designed to reduce the injuries and deaths of firefighters, paramedics, police officers, highway workers and tow truck operators, and others working on the highways. There are reports which show, that even while an emergency vehicle had their flashing lights on, they have been struck by ongoing traffic, causing imminent danger to the workers.

The law requires Georgia drivers, to move over one lane, when an emergency vehicle is parked on the shoulder of the highway.  And if there is too much congestion for this to be possible, the driver must lower his speed to below the required speed limit and even come to a complete stop, if needed. The driver must approach a roadside vehicle, with flashing red, white, blue, yellow or amber lights with caution, following the guidelines as required, for the Move Over Law.

And the attention grabbing portion for disobeying the requirements is a staggering fine of up to five hundred dollars, in the state of Georgia. So Georgians, remember to move over, for the Move Over Law.