A Different Kind of Traffic Jam

Atlanta's jammed up traffic meets another kind of jam. A new experimental traffic-jam intervention is scheduled to be unveiled this fall, to introduce an 'award winning art project as one solution to relieve the frustrating boredom of sitting in Atlanta's rush hour traffic.

This sounds a little strange but most Metro-Atlantans know a thing or two about sitting in traffic for hours in and around our beautiful city.  It's and blessing and a curse!   We hate it, yet we love our city.  And so 'Field Experiment' winners Severn Eaton and Mel Chin will create "Jam-D-Jam,” described as a 'radio based interactive entertainment intervention' for Atlantans who are bored and frustrated out of their heads, being stuck in traffic daily.

The premise is this: 'If you are stuck in turtle-speed metro traffic on a regular basis, you’re in good company.  Coming soon, in a few months, you will be able to share your feelings with fellow-stalled-commuters!  In this age of staying connected with people of like minds via the many social media avenues, we will be able to experience another designed just for us commuters. Fabulous!

Atlanta’s Goat Farm Arts Center and Northeast Georgia’s Hambidge Center have announced the gridlock-inspired winning entry for 'Field Experiment,' an art undertaking with a $20k commission:
“Jam-D-Jam” is an interactive project by North Carolina artists Mel Chin and Severn Eaton that will invite commuters to call in from their vehicles, and their unscripted comments will be transformed via musical sampling and then looped back to those who are still in traffic via their radios.  This is a wild, exciting and an award winning effort to ease the pain of Atlanta's rush hour traffic agony!

The project will go live this fall.  In the announcement, Chin and Eaton said they are “excited to have the opportunity to create music with, and for, the entire city of Atlanta..."

This will be an interactive experiment that pushes the creativity of producers, performers, broadcast radio folk, and Atlanta's commuters. The objective is to transform the state of mind that commuters often find themselves in.”

And, in addition to the $20,000 prize, the Jam-D-Jam “EMCs,” as they call themselves, will also be awarded a two-week Hambidge residency and administration and production support. “Field Experiment” received 130 entries from five countries. The original call-out was for “extraordinary projects that are interactive, community-driven, collaborative, cross-disciplinary and accessible to the public.” They chose to use commuters as their focal point.  And thank heaven for that. 

We think this collaboration with Atlanta's commuters is just what our city needs to ease the frustration of the boring rush hour ' to and fro' commute, and give commuters a breath of fresh air and a change of pace!
Note: The Field Experiment aims to develop a rare vehicle, powered by extraordinary idea, to ignite new thinking.

The Goat Farm is an award winning creative Industrial Complex in W. Midtown Atlanta. The model, designed to attract a dense collection of forward-thinking ventures, has repositioned an unproductive 19th century factory into one of Atlanta's largest centers for vanguard fields, contemporary thought, art and performance.
The Hambidge Center for Creative Arts & Sciences is an 80 yr old, non-profit organization which has awarded residency fellowships to distinguished artists and scientists in their 600 acre creative sanctuary in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Center is funded in part by the Fulton County Commission under the guidance of the Fulton County Arts & Culture, Council for the Arts.