The One Thing to Fear This Halloween

During the Halloween festivities during October 31, there is one thing to fear, drunk driving. It has become such an issue that the state of Georgia has decided to advocate the ‘Halloween Impaired Driving Prevention’ campaign, which focuses on impaired drivers being on the road in full force this upcoming Halloween. In 2008, 58% of Halloween fatalities occurred with drivers having a .08 or higher BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). In 2010 crashes linked to alcohol made up for more than 37 billion dollars in damages. That comes down to 1 crash every 51 minutes. The initiative wishes to crack down on understanding that Georgia, along with other states, has a real issue in drunk driving and the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration are wanting to work with the community in reducing the number of fatalities and drunk drivers on the road during Halloween. The campaign will be enforced from October 25, 2012 – November 4.

The enforcement campaign states, “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over”, while the Social Norm states, “Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving”. All of this in a mobilized effort to reduce the number of drunk driving involved with heavy adult partying during Halloween.

The solution for some parents can be to make sure that your child wears bright make up allowing them to be more visible to those on the road. Also, let your children wear bright colors in their costumes. Make sure and take smaller children by the hand, even in neighborhoods when going door to door. And when walking on the curb, allow the child to walk on the inside with the adult walking closest to the curb. You may also want to take children to an organized event, sponsored by a church, or YMCA, allowing them to safely trick or treat indoors off the roads and highways.

Remember to always proceed with caution, knowing that Georgia Safety Patrol is on the job in keeping everyone safe this Halloween.