Recent Accidents

Give More Attention When Backing Up
Fulton County/Sandy Springs accident report stated that on  March 7, 2017  officers were dispatched to Mount Vernon Highway & Abernathy Rd to investigate a traffic accident.  Driver 1 stated that he had stopped  his SUV in the lane for the traffic signal and then decided to back his SUV so that he could move over into the adjacent lane, but backed into the front end of Vehicle 2 with the rear end of his SUV.  Vehicle 1 sustained moderate damage to the rear bumper of his vehicle and Vehicle 2 had slight damage to the rear end of his SUV.  No injuries were reported. Driver 2 complained of chest pains, but  declined EMS when they arrived.  Driver 1 was cited for improper backing.  Note:  When backing up you have to pay more attention to all sides, so back slowly & very cautiously.

Left Hand Turns  Require Yielding
Clayton County accident report stated that on March 3, 2017 Driver 2 was traveling SB on Fielder Rd and was not able to avoid striking Vehicle 1 which was driving on Logan Drive, while attempting  to make a left turn onto Fielder Rd.  Driver 1 stated that he was traveling SB on Fielder stated that he was halfway into the turn when he saw Vehicle 2. There were no injuries reported and only slight damage to the far rear left side of Vehicle 1, and slight damage to the far front left side of Vehicle 2.  Driver 1 was cited for failure to yield while turning left.  Note: When turning left, pay close attention.

Driving with Suspended License & Failure to Yield
Fulton County / Sandy  accident report stated that on February 28, 2017 Driver 1 was attempting to exit a shopping center on Roswell Rd near Hammond Dr.  She said that she was about to make a left turn to go north, when she saw another vehicle pulling into the plaza as she pulled out.  She stated that she thought she had enough time to clear both the lanes and enter safely, but that when she entered the road she didn't see Vehicle 2.  Both drivers complained of injuries and required medical attention.  Driver 1 was cited for failure to yield when entering the roadway. Driver 2 had no registration. Note: Pay attention while turning.

Failure to Yield
Clayton County accident report states that on February 25, 2017 an officer was dispatched to the intersection of SR 138 and Kendrick Rd.   Driver 1 was driving W at the light at SR138 and Kendrick, waiting to turn left onto Kendrick Rd.  She started to turn left when she observed an oncoming vehicle turning  right and Driver 1 was hit on the driver's side by Vehicle 2.  Driver 1 stated that the traffic light was yellow while she was in the intersection.  Driver 2 stated that Vehicle 1 turned right in front of her.  Driver 2 could not stop fast enough to avoid the accident and hit Driver 1. Driver 2 was cited for broken turn signal  and for driving too fast for the conditions.   Driver 1 was cited for failure to yield.

Parking Lot Too Tight
Fulton County accident report stated that on February 22, 2017 Driver 1  was traveling EB on Virginia Ave when she was hit while attempting to make a left turn into a shopping center.  Driver 2 stated that she was also traveling EB and that Vehicle 1 just suddenly came to a screeching stop, w/o a turn signal, and so could not avoid running into the rear end of Vehicle 2.  Although Driver 1 appeared to have been driving too closely, no citation was given due to the collision being made on private property.
Note:  This one got away!

Not in the Main Flow, You Yield
Cobb County/Smyrna accident report stated that on February 20, 2017 Vehicle 1 headed North on Ward Street in the left turn lane negotiating a left WB turn onto Windy Hill Road.  Vehicle 1 was exiting a private business in the lot across from Ward Street at its intersection of Windy Hill Road, negotiating a right WB turn onto Windy Hill Road.  The driver of  Vehicle 2 stated that while on Ward Street, the traffic control device turned green and he then began turning onto Windy Hill.  He also advised that he turned into the inside straight travel lane, West on Windy Hill Road when Vehicle 1 struck his vehicle.  Driver 1 stated that she was exiting the private business and noticed WB Windy Hill Road traffic stopped at the intersection.  She then began negotiating the right turn into the outside straight lane and was struck shortly after exiting the private drive.  No injuries were reported.  Driver 1 was cited for failure to yield. Note:  Vehicles entering the ongoing traffic always must yield.

Fender Bender
Cobb County/Smyrna accident  report stated that on February 19, 2017 Driver 1 was traveling NB in the inside straight lane on Cobb Parkway at the intersection of Cumberland Blvd.  This driver stated that Vehicle 2 was traveling NB in the center straight lane and changed lanes swiftly and improperly, causing Vehicle 2 to strike Vehicle 1 on the front passenger side,  fender with its front driver side fender.  Driver 2 stated that she was traveling in the NB inside lane and that Vehicle 1 made the improper land change and that he struck her vehicle.  Passenger 1 confirmed the statement of Driver 1.  The officer was unable to locate independent witnesses on the scene and could not confirm either of the drivers' or passenger's statements.  Driver 1 complained of knee pain, but refused medical treatment. No other injuries were reported and no citation was issued.  Note:  Be attentive to the inside lane.

Applied Brakes a Little Too Late
Cobb County/Smyrna accident report stated that on February 17, 2017 Vehicle 2 was traveling EB on Windy Hill Road at the intersection of Windy Hill & South Cobb Drive, in the inside straight travel lane.  Vehicle 1 was also traveling EB in the same lane.  After speaking to both Driver 1, and Driver 2, the officer at the scene ascertained that Driver 2 was at the red light at the intersection when the traffic light turned green and he started to proceed when he felt Vehicle 1 strike his car.  Driver 1 stated that Vehicle 2 started out and the abruptly slammed on the brakes.  Both drivers agreed on this point.  Driver 1 applied his brakes but could not avoid the collision with Vehicle 2.  No injuries were reported.  Slight damage was done to both vehicles.  Driver 1 was cited for following too closely.

Two Ran Red Lights
Fulton County/Union City accident report stated that on February 13, 2017 Driver 1 was driving EB on SR138 at the intersection of 85-S off the ramp when she saw that she had the green light and crossed the intersection when she saw Vehicle 2 turn left in front of her, causing the collision.  Vehicle 1 deployed airbags on both front seats.  Driver 2 stated that as he was driving WB on SR138 he saw the green light as well.  Both drivers stated that the other ran the red light.  No injuries were reported.  Because of the inconsistencies of both drivers, and the lack of eye witness accounts, both Driver 1 and Driver 2 were charged with failure to obey a traffic control device, running the red light.

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