Recent Accidents

Look Around

Fulton County/ College Park accident report stated that on April 3, 2017 Vehicle 1 was observed at the NB I-85 ramp with major damage to left rear, and Vehicle 2 had medium damage to the right front.  Driver 1 said he didn't see Vehicle 2, but the car had swerved and switched back and forth twice and finally changed lanes, causing Vehicle 1 to strike Vehicle 2 with the left rear of Vehicle 1.  Driver 2 confirmed the rear-ending, but claims he did not switch lanes back and forth. No injuries were reported by either driver. Driver 1 was cited for failure to maintain lane.  Note: Stay in your own lane.

Left Turning Lane 

Union City accident report stated that on April 3, 2017 Driver 1 attempted to make a left turn onto SR 138 after exiting the old Shannon Mall drive-thru.  Driver 2 stated that  he was traveling in the central turn lane, and before turning left into 4523- SR 138, that Vehicle 1 crossed the roadway in front of him, causing the front end collision with Vehicle 1.  The officer called  in observed moderate damage to the front of Vehicle 2 and extensive damage to the driver's side of Vehicle 1.  No injuries were reported and Driver 1 was cited for failure to yield while turning left.   Note: Left turning vehicles must always yield!

Defensive Driving Means Observing the Actual Road Itself

Clayton County/ Rex Ga accident report stated that on  April 2, 2017 Driver 1 was traveling South on I-675 at SR 42 when her front left tire ran over a large pothole.  She lost control for a minute or two and swerved back and forth over the yellow left line, which caused the lost of control of the vehicle, which caused the car to strike a steel pole on the shoulder. The officer called to the scene observed extensive damage to the vehicle's front end. He also observed the very large pothole on the pavement near the yellow line right in front of the pole that was struck by the vehicle.  No citation was issued even though city property was damaged, due to the cause of the accident, the city's pothole.  Note:  Observing defensive driving rules of the road means observe everything, cars, speed, distance and the road.

Distractions inside and out

Clayton County/ Rex Ga accident report stated that on April 2, 2017 Driver 1 said he was making a left turn onto Rex Road when he dropped his cell phone and lost control of his vehicle and struck a No Turn Around Sign and knocked it down.  Vehicle 1 sustained slight damage, and Driver 1 was not injured.  The Transportation & Development Department was notified about the sign.  Driver 1 was given a warning citation, as it could not be proved he was texting while driving.  Note: Cell phones distract even while talking.  Definitely don't text while driving.

It's Not Always Safest to Park Closest to the Door

College Park accident report stated that on April 1, 2017 an officer was dispatched to 3449 Highway 138 regarding a hit and run collision.  Driver 2 stated that his vehicle was parked when several people at the   the Chic-Fil-A observed Vehicle 1 pull out of its parking space and back into Vehicle 2.  There was moderate damage sustained to Vehicle 2. No one got the license plate number, thinking that when he stopped to check for damage, and began writing a note, leaving it on the windshield of Vehicle 2, that he was leaving all of his pertinent information.  But he did not.  Note:  Respect the distance between your car and the others when parking in tight spaces/parking lots.

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