Reversible Lane Project Adds 4 New Exits in Cobb County

The  $834 Million  Interstate 75 Project released last week by the Georgia Department of Transportation  promises four (4) new exits in Cobb County. The project expects to run for 30 miles  and will create two new tolled reversible lanes on the west side of I-75.

Groundbreaking  has already started and can seen in and around the Cumberland I-75/I-285 area.  Natalie Dale, spokeswoman for the  Georgia Dept of Transportation says that one reversible lane will be added to a portion of I-575 in North Cobb and that the other reversible lane will be added to the portion of I-75 that intersects with I-575.  The new exits will only be used to get on and off the new reversible lanes and those exits will be used along the highway  in different locations  from already existing exits, so as not to impede or increase traffic in those areas.  The construction of the new exits is not expected to start until September 2015, says John Hancock, Project Manager.  These new exits are not expected to increase traffic, as they will not be located in areas that already have heavy traffic, and are expected to ease the current traffic flow in Cobb County. 

One new exit  will  be on Roswell Road by the County's Landmark,  The Big Chicken.  Another new exit will be at Terrell Mill Road, between the existing exits at Delk Road and Windy Hill Road.  Two more exits will be created to get onto the managed lanes in Cumberland at the intersection I-285 and Akers Mill Road.
Drivers will also be able to get onto the managed lanes from I-575 where it intersects with I-75.  And with the new exits added, drivers will have four (4) exits to choose from to get onto the new reversible lanes of I-75.  They will also have the option of getting onto the Interstate from the five (5) existing exits already in place. 
So Cobb County residents should have much smoother access into the highway, in rush hour, with these additional options.  Hancock says the new lanes will not look the same as the usual exits.  They will have two lanes each, with only one lane open at a time, depending upon which way the traffic is flowing.  The traffic will flow SB during the morning rush hour and NB during  the evening  rush, says Hancock.  The DOT has not yet decided on the specifics, by rest assured, relief is on the way!