First Time Ever - GM Picks Female CEO

Mary Barra, a 33 year old GM Veteran, has been named to replace Daniel Akerman as CEO for General Motors. Tuesday, December 10, 2013 the Board unanimously named Barra to take charge, making her the first woman in US history to head a US Automobile Company! It was her expert understanding of GM's operations, her vast GM experience, management record and her excellent people skills that threw her to the top of the list.

Mary who grew up in the car industry, came to GM in 1980 as an engineering student. Being GM 'all the way,' Barra's father was a die maker for General Motors for 39 years. Barra earned her BS in Electrical Engineering from the GM Institute, now Kettering College. Her first position with GM was at age 18 was at the Michigan plant that made the Pontiac Fiero. Working in just about every corner of GM, and herself a little car crazy, Mary's first car was a Chevette. Today Mary Barra drives a Cadillac CTS, one of several cars released during her time as GM Global Product Chief.

When Mary picks up the helm on January 15th, she will lead a company that has made over $20 Billion since coming out of the 2010 bankruptcy. She has been called The Executive with the GM Vision. She knows where this company is going, and how to take it there.

Way To Go, Mary! We All Wish You The Best!