It was announced last week by Braves President, John Schuerholz, that the Braves will not renew their lease at Turner Field when it expires in 2016, but that they are currently holding negotiations with, and are awaiting the November 26th  final approval, from the Cobb County Board of Commissioners.  The new stadium, he told reporters, will be the most magnificent stadium ever built!

The organization selected a 60 acre wooded site near Cumberland Mall between Circle 75 Parkway and Windy Ridge Parkway.  The facility, proposed to be an open air stadium,  is projected to seat approximately 42,000 and would be owned by the Cobb-Marietta Coliseum and Exhibit Hall Authority, the owner Cobb Galleria Centre and The Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre.

One of the features of this new spectacular project is a proposed bridge that will span across I-285 connecting the Galleria Office Park with the 60-acre Stadium property.  This bridge will accommodate pedestrians, and a shuttle that would pick up fans from around the surrounding Cumberland area shopping and dining venues, and bring them to the game.  So instead of driving to the game, fans can shop or dine in the area either before or after the game and the shuttle picks you up and drops you back off at your car.  The bridge project is already included in the projected $672 million cost to build the stadium.

At present, when fans go to the game at Turner Stadium, there is a lot of foot & vehicular traffic jams, with pedestrians having to stop and wait for the vehicular traffic to pass, and vice versa.  But the new stadium's   will minimize the pedestrian-vehicular traffic, give fans many more options for a fun afternoon or evening, which do not exist in the area surrounding Turner Field. And of course, drive more dollars into Cobb.

Several new road projects for the surrounding area are already in progress. One is a new bridge over the Chattahoochee River, projected at $72.6 million.  Another is the $951 million reversible lanes, toll-road project along the I-75 corridor and I-575 which runs from Cobb County into Cherokee County.  And there's a study on the viability of a rapid transit system which will connect Kennesaw State Univ with Midtown Atlanta.

Cobb County has been busy for a decade, preparing for a windfall like this, and now its here!